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Bet365 Enhances IT Infrastructure

May 06, 2009

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With the rapid growth in online gaming the load on the IT infrastructure of online casinos is continuously increasing. The discerning customer, especially if he is IT savvy, would wonder if his online casino can quickly and reliably process the growing number of transactions. Now the online players at Bet365 at least can take comfort from the fact that the online casino has taken adequate steps to address this issue. Bet365 is powered by Playtech and licensed in the gaming jurisdiction of Gibraltar.

GemStones Systems is a leading supplier of data infrastructure technologies. In a press release from London it has announced that the online casino Bet365 will be using its high performance data management solution GemFire. Because of rapid customer growth Bet365 needs to enhance its IT infrastructure. The number of transactions being process at the online casino is increasing exponentially by the day. Martin Davies, Chief Technology Officer for Bet365 said that a dramatic expansion of the existing IT system was required so that the demands imposed by the growing transactions could be met.

Davies launched a search for and evaluation of the competing products available in the industry. He found that GemFire was best suited for the requirements of Bet365. GemFire offers three immediate advantages. The transactions processing is done at an exponentially faster rate. This ensures that there is no slow down of game speeds as more and more customers log in at the online casino. The processing is done reliably without errors. This also is a great comfort to players since they put substantial funds on the line. But most important of all GemFire has the resiliency to ensure that in the case Bet365’s system meets an unforeseen event or disaster no transactions would be lost. This is very important for customers because if records of their account balances are lost there could be serious repercussions.

Davies was extremely satisfied with the interaction with GemStone. He said, “Working with the GemFire engineers, GemStone proved that its technology had the scale, flexibility and reliability to make our systems our strength.” He added that the GemFire engineers were extremely cooperative throughout the selection and testing process. He is confident that GemFire is the right choice for Bet365.

In the press release, Richard Lamb, President of GemStone, highlighted the importance of a data management solution like GemFire. He pointed out that Bet365 had joined a select list of over 200 organizations that used GemFire. He said, “Our GemFire platform will enable them to realize the tangible benefits that result from optimizing their data infrastructure to support the growth of their business.”

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