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Online gambling regularly attracts new potential players. Many of these players have a number of issues that they need answers to but do not know where to find them. This article discusses some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) and provides answers.

Question 1: How do I know that an online casino is safe and fair?

Answer 1: You must ensure that the online casino is licensed from a reputed licensing authority. The casino should display the name or logo of the authority in its lobby or its “About Us” page. Licensing authorities display a list of their licensees at their web site. Reconfirm from there that the casino actually hold a license from that authority. Reputed licensing authorities issue licenses only after rigorous inspection of the online casino. They also ensure that the casino has mechanisms in place that take care of the players’ interests. Some of the reputed licensing authorities are based in Kahnawake, Antigua, Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao.

Question 2: Do I really need to read the Terms & Conditions before accepting them?

Answer 2: YES! YES!! & YES!!! You should read the rules very carefully before accepting them. The rules outline who is not allowed to wager at the casino. There is an age condition and there is a place of residence condition. You have to ensure that you are not debarred from wagering. You must be aware of the other conditions as well. You should also read and understand the bonus rules and conditions. These specify whether you will be eligible for bonuses and under what conditions. Violations can lead to being debarred from the casino, to having your deposits forfeited and you could in the worst case face legal action.

Question 3: Should I opt for the download casino or the instant play casino?

Answer 3: A simple answer is that if you are using a Windows operating system and you have sufficient free space on your hard disc then go for the download casino. Otherwise go for the instant play casino. The instant play casino is compatible with Mac and Linux, the download casino is not. The instant play casino requires less memory space, which is available in the browser itself. However the instant play casino offers significantly fewer games.

Question 4: If I do not know the games’ rules and strategies will I be at a disadvantage?

Answer 4: In games like blackjack and video poker you will be at a severe disadvantage if you are ignorant of the strategy. In games like craps you may end up choosing sucker bets. In games like slots your gaming experience may not be as good. But there is a remedy. All online casinos allow players to play for free. Register as a free player and play without wagering with real money till you learn the ropes and gain confidence.

Question 5: I am required to provide credit card details. Is it safe?

Answer 5: Yes. The security measures employed by reputed online casinos for storage and transmission of sensitive information like credit card details are equivalent to those employed by commercial banks and much superior to those employed by some other online businesses.

Question 6: After registering and depositing funds if I land into a problem what can I do?

Answer 6: It is for this purpose that all online casinos offer 24 x 7 customer support. The personnel that offer the support activities are highly trained not only in the technical aspects but also in dealing courteously and considerately with hassled customers. Preferably choose a casino that offers support via live chat.

Question 7: Can online gambling get addictive?

Answer 7: Anything can get addictive, even junk food and television soaps. Prevention is better than cure. Restrict wagering to predetermined amounts and times. Wager only a fraction of your disposable income, never ever borrow money for gambling and never try to recover losses by wagering higher amounts. All online casinos have a section on responsible gambling. Read it carefully.

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