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New Rogue Online Casino Warning

April 11, 2009

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Casinomeister has put out a rogue casino warning that all online players should know about. The casino in question is FatBet Casino. It is owned by ECM Global Ltd., powered by software from Chartwell and licensed in the Netherlands Antilles.

The complaint against FatBet Casino was posted on the Casinomeister forum Pitch A Bitch by the aggrieved player. One good thing the player did was preserve the e-mails of the correspondences and therefore it became easier to pin down the casino. When the player signed up at FatBet Casino he was given a special offer that after he had wagered 30,000 chips he would be given a non-withdrawable bonus of $1,000. He was even told that the bonus code “astroga” was to be used. The player complied with all the requirements and wagered the 30,000 chips. But FatBet Casino refused to give the bonus, stating that it was no longer available. The player explained that though the casino had the right to deny new players this offer, their agreement with him could not be revoked. He had fulfilled his part of the deal and now the casino had to follow suit. The support staff at FatBet Casino pointed out Clause 3 of their Terms of Use that said, “We reserve the right to cancel, reclaim or refuse this Promotion at its own discretion.”

Casinomeister was convinced of the player’s case and contacted an affiliate of the online poker room of FatBet in order to get the low down on the deal. They informed Casinomeister that this promotion was costing FatBet a lot of money and therefore it was pulled out. Armed with this information Casinomeister went to FatBet Casino. They came up with a story that Casinomeister had heard for the first time in all his years in the industry. They said that this particular promotion was not offered by FatBet Casino but an affiliate. The promotion was set up using the affiliate’s bonus code and was subject to the affiliate’s terms and conditions. When the affiliate informed FatBet that they would not be honoring even the committed bonuses, the casino withdrew the offer for new players. The casino asked Casinomeister and the player to take up the issue with the affiliate painting itself as a victim of the affiliate’s actions. FatBet said, “We would suggest the player to get in touch with his affiliate and try to come to a resolution with him. We realize this is unfair to the player but in this case I’m afraid both the player and FatBet are victims to the irresponsibility of one affiliate.”

Casinomeister was very clear in his verdict. The casino takes the responsibility for the action of its affiliates. It was the casino that did the deal with the player and not the affiliate. Casinomeister said, “Avoid this casino at all costs.”
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