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Moneybookers Strengthens Security

April 28, 2009

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General Motors has decided to cut back 21,000 jobs and scrap the Pontiac brand. News of this nature has been rampant for quite some time. But there is one industry that that is registering growth and that is the online gaming industry. Riding piggy back on this industry are a host of service providers to the industry, the chief among them being the financial service providers. One of them, Moneybookers, has moved from strength to strength over the last one year.

The company recently announced fantastic results for the year 2008. Moneybookers logged a transaction volume of 2.4 billion Euros, which resulted in a profit of 18.7 million Euros. The company has stated that the momentum will continue through 2009 and it will submit even better results for this year. The financial performance is driven by a growth in customer base. Moneybookers is currently opening over 10,000 new accounts every day and had signed up its seven millionth customer earlier in March 2009. In order to handle the increasing volume of customers, Moneybooker’s own employee strength has been growing. At the beginning of 2008 Moneybookers had employed 150 people. The staff strength in March 2009 had doubled to 300. A recruitment of 100 further employees has been planned for the remaining part of this year.

Faced with a growing clientele, Moneybookers has decided to strengthen its anti-fraud systems so that it can provide a secure environment to its increasing customer base. Therefore it has appointed Tero Pollanen as the head of anti-fraud activities. Pollanen was earlier a senior manager for fraud strategy at LloydsTSB, which is one of the largest banks in Britain. Pollanen will lead the Anti-Fraud and Risk Team at Moneybookers. Development and implementation of fraud prevention strategies is expected to be done on a continuous basis to counter the ingenuity of those who are bent on trying to perpetuate fraud through the online financial transactions system. Taking up his responsibility at Moneybookers, Pollanen said, “Moneybookers is at the forefront of fraud prevention in the online payments industry but this is an ever-changing world and we need constantly to keep refining and updating our security measures. I’m looking forward to this challenge and making sure we remain one step ahead of fraudsters.”

Moneybookers is a London based organization that was founded in 2001. It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, which exercises extremely stringent controls on its members. The Moneybookers network provides more than 60 payment options in over 200 countries with a single integration. Nikolai Riesenkampff, co-CEO of Moneybookers, welcomed Pollanen to the company was confident that the experience Pollanen brings to the table would serve Moneybookers well.

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