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Online slot games are continuously evolving. One of the factors that have changed over the years is the number of paylines offered in the slot game. Earlier five reel video slots had 15 to 25 paylines. Then this number was increased to 40 and even 50. Microgaming introduced Cashapillar with 100 paylines. Theoretically a 5 reel slot game with three rows of symbols can have up to 243 paylines. It was only a matter of time before such a slot game was launched.

Microgaming was again the innovator. In February 2009 on the occasion of Valentines Day it released a slot game called Burning Desire. The slot was promoted as having 243 ways to win. Whether one calls them paylines or “ways to win”, it is essentially the same thing. What this meant was that there was no longer any need to specify the zigzag patterns across the reels that could result in payouts. In Burning Desire five Diamond symbols paid out 3000 coins. This payout could be obtained by having a Diamond symbol on each reel. The row on which the symbol appeared did not matter. Similarly three Diamond symbols had a payout of 30 coins. For this there has to be a Diamond symbol on any row in each of the first three reels.

Subsequently two other online gaming software providers have released online slot games with this concept. They are Cryptologic and Vegas Technology. The Cryptologic slot game with this feature is Savannah Sunrise and the Vegas Technology slot is Grail Maiden. Both these software providers call this concept as “All Pays” instead of using the Microgaming nomenclature “243 ways to win”.

All Pays slot games have a different betting structure. This is being illustrated using Grail Maiden. There is no line bet. The minimum total bet per spin is 25 coins. The payout table indicates the payout in coins for the minimum total bet per spin. The total bet per spin can be 2x, 3x or 4x the minimum value of 25 coins. The payouts are also correspondingly multiplied. For example five Maiden symbols pay out 1000 coins for a total bet of 25 coins. If the player wagers 100 coins then the pay out for five Maiden symbols would be 4000 coins. In addition the player can choose the coin denomination from the given range.

Savannah Sunrise has yet another innovation that is not offered in Burning Desire or Grail Maiden. Players can choose the number of reels with which to play. If players activate all five reels then there are 243 ways to win, if players activate four reels then there are 81 ways to win, if players activate three reels then there are 27 ways to win, if players activate two reels then there are 9 ways to win and if players activate one reel then there are 3 ways to win. The total bet per spin is fixed depending on the number of reels activated. If players activate all five reels then 25 coins are wagered, if players activate four reels then 15 coins are wagered, if players activate three reels then 9 coins are wagered, if players activate two reels then 3 coins are wagered and if players activate one reel then 1coin is wagered.

Looking at the popularity of these All Pays online slots players can expect more such games in the future.

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