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Significance of Recommended Online Casino System Requirements

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All online casinos specify the requirements that the players’ systems must possess if they are to wager at the casino. Usually there are two sets of requirements provided. One is the minimum requirement, which is just about sufficient for the gaming to take place and which would probably be inadequate six months down the line. The other is the recommended requirement and it is advisable that players ensure that their systems meet these requirements before they start gambling. This article discusses the significance of some of the elements of the system requirements.

Though it is not usually specified it is important that the player has a PC compatible computer. The download software of almost all online casinos is compatible only with PCs. The first important element is the processor speed. Some online casinos specify the actual processor or equivalent whereas others indicate the processing speed required. Whether it is the dealing of cards or the spinning of reels, online gambling involves a quick succession of images on the monitor screen. If the processor speed is the inadequate then the images will not appear in a continuous flow but will be jerky and in the worst case may even freeze often.

The next important element is the RAM size. This is usually expressed in MBs. The size of the download file is in kBs. However as the player downloads more and more games the space occupied on the hard disk rises considerably. In addition free space is required for the operation of the games. Hence a larger RAM size is specified. If the RAM size is not adequate then the files may not download or open. Another problem with inadequate RAM size is that the games may freeze midway.

The speed of the Internet connection is also very important. Even when the software is downloaded the games cannot be played unless the player is connected to the online casino via the Internet. Some online casinos do specify a dial up connection in their minimum requirements. But given the complexity of the current online casino games a dial up connection would slow down the games to such an extent that there would be no enjoyment in playing them. A broadband connection, either through cable or wireless, would be sufficient.

Some of the older versions of the Internet browsers are not adequate for handling online casino gaming. In all probability, if the browser being used to download the games is not of the required specification then the casino software will not download. All browsers can be downloaded for free from the Internet and existing browsers can also be upgraded for free. Hence installing a browser of the required specification should not be a problem.

Online casino games, especially online slots, are an audiovisual experience. Several of the elements in the recommended system requirements have to do with this audiovisual experience. The monitor resolution is important so that the colors appear true and the images are not pixilated. A sound card is required in the computer so as to allow the audio functions. In order to hear the sound the player should use a speaker set or a headset. Special software is required to run the video clips and animations and these should be installed.

Any new system purchased in the last three years should suffice to meet the recommended specifications. However players should match their system specifications with those required and if they have to go in for an upgrade they should do so to the maximum capacity possible.
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