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Credit Card Tips At Online Casinos

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The introduction of online credit card transactions was what gave the impetus to online gambling. Even today credit cards remain the most preferred mode of carrying out financial transactions at online casinos. There are some apprehensions expressed at the using credit cards to fund online casino accounts, but these are largely unfounded. However, care must be taken while using credit cards online line.

Generally two arguments are cited against the use of credit cards for making payments to online casinos. One is the possibility of identity theft. This refers to hackers accessing the online casinos databases and stealing the credit card information and using that information to make online purchases in the name of the credit card holder. Using credit cards on the Internet is much safer than using it in restaurants. However this does not mean that the player can be careless with his credit card information. Before parting with sensitive credit card information at an online casino the player must take a few precautions. The first is to ascertain that the casino’s security system is vouched for by an independent expert agency like VeriSign or Thawte. The player must also ensure that the Internet connection is secure while this information is being transmitted. In most browsers a lock icon appears to indicate that the connection is secure.

The second objection to credit card use is the frequency of rejection of credit cards when funding online casino accounts. It is true that this problem has increased in the United States after the implementation of the UIGEA, which bans financial institutions from transferring funds to online casinos. However, most online gaming software providers operating in the United States have been able to minimize this problem. Those players wagering at America facing online casinos could try using Amex credit cards that have a much lower rate of rejection. Often the rejection is due to a system glitch and trying again after a few minutes sees the transaction going through. Those players who wager frequently may find it prudent to register two credit cards from different banks at online casinos. The chance that both will be rejected is extremely rare.

Visa and MasterCard allow players to build in extra security in the financial transactions processing. Players can feed in answer to a question at the time of registering for this facility. At the time of the transaction they are asked to give the answer to the question and only if it matches with the original answer is the transaction processed. Visa calls this facility Verified by Visa and MasterCard calls is MasterCard Secure Code. Credit card users at online casinos should register for these facilities.

Certain formalities need to be completed by players who fund online casino accounts using credit cards. They are required to provide hard copies of the credit cards and also proofs of identity and address. Most online casinos allow players to start wagering even if they have not furnished the documents, but do not permit withdrawals unless the documents have been received. Therefore it is in the players’ own interest to find out what documents are required and fax them or post them to the online casino as soon as possible.
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