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Online Casino Slot Games from Cryptologic

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All online gaming software providers focus on slot games and Cryptologic is no different. However Cryptologic has meticulously classified its online slot games into several categories based on the characteristics of the games. This not only makes it easier for the player to locate the game he is looking for but also gives him a fair idea of what to expect from the game. Some categories are based on the themes of the games, some categories are based on the structure of the games and some categories are based on the special features incorporated in the games. This article takes the reader through the various categories of Cryptologic online slot games.

Cryptologic online casinos list the categories in alphabetical order. The first category is Casual slots. These slot games are based on popular games like Jenga and Sudoku. The most interesting feature about this category is that most of these games do not follow the standard pattern of reels aligned next to each other with the symbols displayed in a matrix form. For example Jenga has the symbols aligned as a tower and Cubis has the symbols aligned as three planes at right angles to each other.

The Classic slots are the usual 3 reel slot games. The Classic Video slots are the 5 reel slot games but with three or five paylines. Most of the slot games released in the initial years of online casinos belonged to these categories. Today few additions are done to these categories and the focus is on the slot games that provide for more features. These are the Video slots that are classified by Cryptologic according to the number of paylines. The categories are 9 lines, 20 lines and 25+ lines. The last one includes the 50 payline slot game Samba Nights.

Frightmare slots are a thematic classification. This category consists of three 5 reel video slots with themes based on horror. The slot games are Vampire Bats, Witches and Warlocks and Zone of the Zombies. All three slot games are linked to the same progressive jackpot network. Another similar classification is Movie Mayhem. This consists of four 5 reel video slots with themes based on movies. Silent Screen depicts the silent movies from the early part of the 20th-century. Sunday Classics represents the romantic movies like Gone with the Wind that were popular in the middle part of the last century. Outta Space Adventure represents the science-fiction genre and Fantasy Realm the fantasy genre. All four online slots are tied to the same progressive jackpot.

Cryptologic offers three Fruit Machines, each with three different coin denominations. The Fruit Machines replicate the old-fashioned slot machines found in British pubs. These slot games have several features that are not found in the usual classic slots. The nudge feature allows players to move the reel by one symbol. The hold feature allows players to keep one or two reels on hold and spin the others. These slot games also have Cash Ladders and Feature Boards, which provide additional opportunities for payouts.

One category of slot games is the Rapid Fire series. These slots have progressive jackpots with some differences. One difference is that the jackpots are hit randomly and do not require any sequence of symbols in enabled paylines. The other difference is that the jackpots do not rise to high levels but are hit several times a day.

The most popular category of Cryptologic online slots is the Marvel slots. These are the slot games based on Marvel Comics superheroes like Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and The Fantastic Four. These slots have been developed under agreement with Marvel Comics and feature icons from the legends of the superheroes on the reels. One other characteristic of these games is that they have a three level progressive jackpot.

Cryptologic continues to add more slot games every month and these categories are bound to grow in the future.
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