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Troubleshooting Problems with Online Casino Software

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Rather than troubleshoot problems it is better to ensure that they do not take place at all. If you choose online casinos powered by reputed software providers and casinos that have been in operations for a year at least then running the software should be smooth. You should also ensure that your system meets the specifications outlined by the online casino. System memory, operating speed, monitor resolution and Internet connection speed are the more critical parameters. However problems do occur and when they do the strategy should be to perform the simplest tasks first.

If you have been using any other application while running the software then you should close down the other applications and try again. You can try rebooting the computer and you can try running the software again after an hour or so. If none of these works then it is very likely that the software has got corrupted during downloading or installation or even earlier use. In such cases the software will have to be reinstalled. However it is essential to remove the existing software first. This should be done by uninstalling the software rather than deleting it. When the software is installed files are placed in diverse folders. Uninstalling extracts all these files and removes them. Merely deleting the software will leave files in various applications and these could cause trouble later on. There are two ways to uninstall the software. Most online casino software providers allow quick uninstalls directly from the start menu within the casino folder where there is an uninstall application. Otherwise you will have to go to the Add/Remove Software application in the control panel and uninstall from there. Thereafter you can download and install the online casino software again.

If the problem persists then you will have to contact the customer support of the online casino. It is best to use the live chat facility. There are two advantages of this. One is that the response is in real time. The other is that the communication can be copied and saved for future reference. When contacting customer support it is advisable to tell them upfront that you have reinstalled the software and also the other steps taken. Because these are the suggestions that customer support will first make. Also remember to be courteous while communicating with customer support. Help sought in a friendly environment is more likely to yield results.

It is extremely unlikely that customer support will not be able to solve the problem. But if they cannot then the only option before you is to download a different online casino. You can find an online casino by the same software provider so that you can play the casino games you wanted to. Or if you are now uncomfortable with this software provider you can download the software from one of the other reputed online gaming software providers.

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