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Some Features of Online Casino Table Games

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Why do players choose the online casino games that they do? There are many different factors that come into play. Those who are into online gambling for the sake of making money alone look at the average payout ratios offered by the games. The more intellectually minded players prefer games with greater levels of skill. Then there are players who look at the glamour value that the games offer. This article discusses the more common of the online casino table games with respect to these factors.

One category of online casino games is the table games. They are so called because they are played on tables in land casinos. These include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. Blackjack offers a very high average payout ratio, bordering close to 100%. This is one reason why blackjack is very popular. This high average payout ratio is based on correct play. This implies that blackjack requires a fair degree of skill. This is another reason why blackjack is popular. There are many online players who want to avoid mechanical games in which they have nothing to do except place a wager. Blackjack is the preferred game for such players. Blackjack also has a fascinating history which attracts players to the game. Card counters like the MIT Club and others before them have made blackjack a household name. Unfortunately card counting does not work in online blackjack. This is because every hand is dealt from a fresh set of decks. For players who are willing to sacrifice some extent of payout ratio for the excitement of novelty, there are a few innovative variants of blackjack on offer. One is Blackjack Switch available in Playtech online casinos and another is Double Exposure Blackjack offered by Microgaming.

Baccarat also offers a high average payout ratio. However, online baccarat is a no-brainer. Betting on the Banker is the only preferred wager and it gets boring after a while. Baccarat has been glamorized in the earlier James Bond movies. But players should realize that land casino baccarat is considerably different from the online version. In land casinos players take on the position of the Banker by turn and this makes the game more interactive and introduces the skill element.

Roulette is another glamorous game. Again the glamour arises from the land casino image of roulette. Huge wheels and even huger tables, with the glitterati sipping cocktails while making bets, do create an impression. However roulette is a game that requires no skill. But it offers a number of different wagers and this is what sustains interest in the game. Online casinos offer three variants of roulette. American roulette played with a ‘0’ and a ‘00’ has the lowest average payout ratio and should be avoided. French roulette is played with only a ‘0’ and returns half of the even money wagers in the event that the ‘0’ is called. French roulette thus offers the highest average payout ratio and is the variant that players should go for. However, not all online casinos offer French roulette and in that event the European roulette is a suitable compromise. It is played with only a ‘0’, but does not return wagers if the ‘0’ is called.

Craps offers the excitement of the players rolling the dice in land casinos. This gives an impression of player participation in the conduct of the game. Hence the game is somewhat popular in land casinos. This feature is not relevant in online craps. Another attraction that craps offers is a large number of bets. Unfortunately most of these bets are sucker bets that offer payouts far below what is dictated by the mathematical odds. Craps does not require skill other than the knowledge of which bets to avoid. This makes craps one of the least popular table games at online casinos.

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