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Evaluating Online Customer Support Options at Online Casinos

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Players will need to interact with online casinos from time to time. This is done through the customer support function. An online casino offers several mechanisms for its players to contact customer support. It is essential that players understand the pros and cons of each option so that they can make a choice that works best for them.

The best online casinos offer five options to players. These are through post, fax, telephone, e-mail and live chat. The post option is of no use for sorting out immediate issues. However, an online casino that provides a full postal address adds credibility. Players can then put a place to the online casino. Online casinos that do not provide a full postal address give the appearance of wanting to hide something. The postal address is of use only in the eventuality of a dispute and players wanting to send a legal communication to the online casino. Likewise, the fax also has a very limited purpose. At the time of registration players need to send copies of their credit cards and other documents identifying their names and addresses. Online casinos do not allow players to withdraw funds till these documents are submitted. Submitting these documents by fax is the most convenient option.

The remaining three options are the crucial ones for day-to-day communication with the online casino. The telephone option has an advantage. It elicits an immediate response and therefore the matter can be resolved quickly. However this option has certain disadvantages. Online casinos offer toll-free telephone numbers only for those regions where they have a large customer base. If the player resides in any other region then he has to make the telephone call at his own cost. Also customer support through telephone requires a verification process. Since the customer has approached the casino from outside the casino environment it is essential to verify the identity of the customer before discussing issues that may involve sensitive information like account balances. This verification process can take a few minutes and many customers find it to be an irritant. One big disadvantage of telephonic customer support, especially when disputes are involved, is that there is no documentation of the communication. Players who want proof of the communication then have to record the conversation, something that cannot be convenient for all customers.

These disadvantages are addressed by using the e-mail option of customer support. It is totally free. No verification is required since the player is logged in and therefore his identity is deemed to be verified. Also the player can save the communication by copying and pasting it in any word processor. However, the e-mail option has one disadvantage that the telephonic option does not have. The response is not instantaneous. Players have to send the message and then wait for the casino to respond. Most casinos commit a response within 24 hours but usually this is not good enough. Also the player is forced to keep on checking his e-mail inbox from time to time to see whether the response from the casino has been sent. If further communication is required to resolve the issue then more time will be lost.

The advantages of the telephonic option and the e-mail option are combined in the live chat option. The communication is free, no verification is required and the communication can be easily saved. As in the case of telephonic communication the responses are immediate and therefore issues can be quickly resolved. The live chat option is by far the best option and almost all online casinos today offer this. In fact it would not be worthwhile patronizing an online casino that does not offer live chat customer support.

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