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Progressive Slot Gold Rally Hit

April 7, 2009

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The popular Playtech progressive jackpot online slot has been hit for over a million dollars. It is not yet known who the lucky winner is. It is not even known in which online casino the hit took place. These are reported only after the verification process is complete and that takes some time. But sometime in the last 24 hours the progressive jackpot ticker instantly crashed from the then level of $1.3 million to the reset level of $75,000. One can understand the dismay of thousands of players eagerly wagering on Gold Rally hoping to make that life changing hit, only to see their dream slipping away. But online casino players are large hearted and will surely rejoice in the good fortune of one of their tribe.

This is the second time in just over two months that Gold Rally has given a hit of over a million dollars. In the previous occasion the progressive slot paid out $1.2 million, marginally less than the current hit. In the last one year this is the fourth million dollars plus hit, the highest being $1,782,183. The last 365 days has seen Gold Rally paying out over $8.85 million in 10 hits at an average of $885k per hit. On an average it has hit every 39 days.

Apart from the fact that it has offered excellent payouts, Gold Rally is popular for another reason. It has a very unusual format for an online slot game. It has 9 reels and 8 paylines. The reels are not in a straight line as in the usual format, but in a 3 x 3 matrix, with only one symbol in each reel on display. The 8 paylines are constituted as follows - the 3 horizontal lines of the matrix, the 3 vertical lines of the matrix and its 2 diagonals. The bonus game on the second screen, which is exciting in itself, is activated in a novel manner. Dynamite symbols in the four corners of the matrix trigger the bonus game. This makes a refreshing change from the standard format.

There could be a third reason for the increased traffic at the Gold Rally progressive slot game in the last few months. Following the crashing of the financial markets the world has been witness to a real gold rally as investors rushed to procure more tangible assets. The price of gold surged from about $700 per ounce in November 2008 to almost $1,000 per ounce in March 2009. The real gold rally has since then come to a halt and only the foolhardy will venture with a prediction. But the Gold Rally slot game from Playtech will beyond doubt climb again. It has already crossed the $80k level and is rising fast.
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