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A New Online Casino and Gambling Affiliate Association

March 5, 2009

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Members of an industry form associations so that their collective interests are protected. But when such an association starts functioning against the interests of the members, they have no option but to discard it and begin anew. This is exactly what is happening in the casino affiliates industry.

Casino affiliates are organizations that drive traffic to online casinos by advertising them at their web sites. They get paid for the traffic that they procure for the casinos. In order to ensure that the online casinos make payments in time the affiliates form associations that can better deal with errant casinos. One such association was the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP). Unfortunately CAP owned a stake in an online casino and when that casino was unable to pay its affiliates CAP thwarted action against the errant casino. This enraged the affiliates industry and heated scenes took place at a recent conference in London. Since then there has been news that a new association is on the anvil. Now this news has been confirmed.

Gambling Affiliate Programs (GAP) has been formed by 65 of the largest affiliates in the online gambling industry. Some of the names are Bet365 Affiliates, Bodog Affiliates, Euro Partners, Everest Affiliates, Fortune Affiliates, Ladbrokes, Mainstreet Affiliate, Mansion Affiliates, Paddy Power, PokerStars, Rewards Affiliates, Roxy Affiliates, SportingBet Europe and Unibet Partners. The objective of GAP is to ensure that the industry is managed professionally, especially after the CAP fiasco. The web site of GAP states the motive for the formation of this new association, which is that the casino operators, gaming affiliate programs and the affiliates have a resource that represents the needs of the industry “in a fair and impartial manner”. Also included in the objectives are developing business relationships and optimizing networking opportunities. This group of 65 affiliates is seeking the support of the rest of the affiliates in the industry. Therefore they have sent invitations to the other affiliates to join GAP. Registration can be done at the GAP web site itself using the online registration form. Those who have registered will be provided access to the agenda of the meeting. They will also be requested to submit their comments and thoughts on the agenda. Regular updates will be posted at the GAP web site.

From all indications GAP is striving to work in an inclusive and transparent manner. The promoters are obviously aware that the scars of the recent turmoil will take time to heal and are doing everything they can to facilitate the healing process. This is evident from the news release at their web site, which states, “In reaching out to the rest of the community, we are actively seeking a solution that will be in the best interest for all parties involved. We are confident that by working collectively we will find a mutually beneficial solution.”

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